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"Descending again to the lower depths, we came into VICKI Inc. Art Gallery. Wild music did sound, and upon an altar a scantily dressed woman sat passively awaiting her fate. "Human sacrifice to the art god's?" I thought, but it turned out that artist Vicki Chiger was creating yet another piece for her display, "Moulin Rouge". We watched Vicki work for awhile. Originally form Mankato, Minnesota, Vicki received her formal training at the Layton School of the Arts, Cardinal Stritch University and several other places. She worked fast, in time to the pounding music from the CD player next to her, clearly letting the music motivate her translation of the image before her. She mentioned her love of dancing to us, and it all became clear viewing the totality of her work, with the swirling chaos of sights, color and human energy exploding from the various canvases. 

 The majority of Vicki's work reflected her passion with the "Moulin Rouge" theme, not only the recent movie, but the decadent scene of turn-of-the-century Paris also so well described by artist Toulouse Lautrec. Bright, bold use of color, layer upon layer, pounded at your senses like the consistent organ of a merry-go-round, the ultimate work present being "The Red Curtain", a dynamic street scene of a time gone by that perhaps never really existed at all, but still bringing to life a party I dearly wish I had been at. Not all of her work is on that theme- painting fruit in a bowl is an art-class cliche', which made "Fresh Lemons" all the more impressive. Vicki's bold and original use of color  brought something new and dynamic to the old scene, an impressive accomplishment." - The Uncultured Bacterium!