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Vicki Chiger paints at the Milwaukee Art Museum. She was one of the artists invited to the Museum for "April in Paris". The completed painting was done with charcoal, acrylic and oil pastels and the completed painting can be seen in the "Mixed Media" page.

Vicki Chiger has completed other works in the city of Milwaukee as well. Featured below is the work on the Midwest Express Airline Beastie.  The Beastie was designed and painted by Vicki and includes all of the destinations of Midwest Express Airlines. The Beastie was on display outside of the Midwest Express Center in downtown Milwaukee from April to September of 2004.

While the Beastie not only served to beautify the streets of downtown Milwaukee, it was also sold and the proceeds benefited the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Children's program.

  The Beastie on the Street!

Vicki Chiger contributes her beautiful artwork through out the city and she also composed the pieces below for the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design's 2004, 2005 & 2006 "Open Canvas." These were completed at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design's event.


2006 The Other Side of the Moon

2005- Masquerade


2004- Open Canvas


Please stop back to see what other work Vicki is completing for the benefit of Milwaukee!