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                 Vicki Chiger                

Vicki Chiger demonstrates a vibrancy and creativity in her art that is both electric and surreal.  Inspired by her travels to Mexico, Spain, Italy, Israel and New Mexico , she incorporates many culturally diverse elements into her work, including the vernacular architecture, foliage and folk traditions.

The use of oil, oil pastel, watercolor, gouache, and charcoal offer an intriguing variation in Vicki Chiger's work. Characterized by a depth of feeling, her paintings are meant to elicit a wide range of emotions. They speak of hope and optimism, and her many portrayals of interesting people and places are like great novels, telling timeless stories absent only of the written word.  

Music plays an important role in the inspiration of her paintings. When working in her studios, she chooses her music carefully to evoke a certain mood, and her work often reflects the passion of this music. Outside the studio, she is particularly inspired to paint on site in the middle of a festival or town square, surrounded by the sights, sounds, colors and smells of the commotion and human energy swirling all around her.

Vicki Chiger has always called the Midwest home, with her current residence in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and her birthplace in Mankato, Minnesota. She has been studying and practicing her craft since her youth, and has received formal training at Layton School of the Arts, Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Atelier Milwaukee and several workshops abroad, including most recently, a one-month advanced painting class at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.                                                        

In addition to her endeavors in the world of fine arts, which she considers a true labor of love, Vicki Chiger is also a highly successful interior designer, a craft she feels goes hand in hand with being an artist. "The most accomplished interiors I've seen have been coordinated by artists, regardless of their formal education. We just seen to innately understand color, proportion, space, texture, lighting and mood."

"Some things cannot be taught," says Vicki Chiger of her passion for painting. "They can only be felt and of course, practiced. My advice is to paint what you feel."